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Igor Mapelli
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National Conferences:

  • I. Mapelli, T. E. Özkurt, "Classification of living and non-living objects from MEG recordings", 21st IEEE Signal Processing and Communication Applications Conference (SIU 2013).


  • A. Eken, I. Mapelli, G. Saraçaydın, E. Kantar, O. Çobanoğlu, A.A. Kayalar, D. Gökçay, "Representation of pain in somatosensory cortex: preliminary results from fNIRS", 21st IEEE Signal Processing and Communication Applications Conference (SIU 2013).


  • G. Göktepe, I. Mapelli, T. E. Özkurt, "Would somatosensory stimuli increase LTM performance? A preliminary EEG study", International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017.

  • I. Mapelli, T. E. Özkurt, "Alpha and Theta Synchronization Between Occipital and Frontal Regions Distinguish Errors in a Visual Working Memory Task", BIOMAG 2016 - 20th International Conference on Biomagnetism, Seoul, Korea, 2016.


  • I. Mapelli, N. Melnik, T. E. Özkurt, "Alpha activity in the posterior regions distinguishes visual false memories and other memory errors", OHBM, Hawaii, USA, 2015.

  • N. Melnik, I. Mapelli, T. E. Özkurt, "Alpha activity reflects semantic interference resolution in an auditory working memory task", OHBM, Hawaii, USA, 2015.

  • I. Mapelli, S. Özer, T. E. Özkurt, “Brain oscillatory analysis of gist-based short-term false memory for visual stimuli: a preliminary study”, 1st Joint Turkish-German Symposium on Human Neuroscience, Berlin, Germany, 2014.

  • I. Mapelli, T. E. Özkurt, "Feature extraction and selection for an efficient classification of MEG recordings", INCF 2013 – Neuroinformatics Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.


  • T. E. Özkurt, I. Mapelli, A. Schnitzler, "Efficient estimation of cross-frequency coupling from Parkinson’s disease recordings", BIOMAG 2012 - 18th International Conference on Biomagnetism, Paris, France, 2012.